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Section II-1: Political power - Purpose of government - Alteration or

Section II-2: Inherent rights.
Section II-3: Right of assembly and petition.
Section II-4: Interference with right of suffrage.
Section II-5: Public money or property - Use for sectarian purposes.
Section II-6: Courts of justice open - Remedies for wrongs - Sale, denial or delay.
Section II-7: Due process of law.
Section II-8: Right to bail - Exceptions.
Section II-9: Excessive bail or fines - Cruel or unusual punishment.
Section II-10: Habeas corpus - Suspension.
Section II-11: Officers - Personal attention to duties - Intoxication.
Section II-12: Officers of United States or other states - Ineligibility to office.
Section II-12A: Term limits for Congressman.
Section II-13: Imprisonment for debt.
Section II-14: Military subordinate to civil authorities - Quartering without owner's consent.
Section II-15: Bills of attainder - Ex post facto laws - Obligation of contracts
Section II-16: Treason.
Section II-17: Indictment or information - Preliminary examination - Prosecutions in courts not of record.
Section II-18: Grand jury.
Section II-19: Trial by jury.
Section II-20: Rights of accused in criminal cases.
Section II-21: Self-incrimination - Double jeopardy.
Section II-22: Liberty of speech and press - Truth as evidence in prosecution for libel.
Section II-23: Private property - Taking or damaging for private use.
Section II-24: Private property - Public use - Character of use a judicial question.
Section II-25: Contempt - Definition - Jury trial - Hearing.
Section II-26: Bearing arms - Carrying weapons.
Section II-27: Witnesses not excused from testifying - Immunity from prosecution.
Section II-28: Corporate records, books and files.
Section II-29: Transportation out of State.
Section II-30: Unreasonable searches or seizures - Warrants, issuance of.
Section II-31: State - Engagement in occupation or business.
Section II-32: Perpetuities - Monopolies - Primogeniture - Entailments.
Section II-33: Effect of enumeration of rights.
Section II-34: Rights of victims.
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