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Section VII-1: Courts in which judicial power vested.

Section VII-2: Supreme Court Justices - Number - Terms - Vacancies - Qualifications - Chief Justice - Vice Chief Justice.
Section VII-3: Election of Justices and Judges - Vacancies.
Section VII-4: Jurisdiction of Supreme Court - Writs.
Section VII-5: Sessions - Quorum - Intermediate appellate courts - Form of decisions - Clerk of Supreme Court.
Section VII-6: Administrative authority - Director and staff.
Section VII-7: District Courts - Jurisdiction - Courts abolished - Transfer of jurisdiction, files etc.
Section VII-8: Classes of District Court Judges - Selection - Terms - Jurisdiction - Qualifications.
Section VII-9: Election of District Judges and Associate District Judges.
Section VII-10: Judicial Administrative Districts.
Section VII-11: Salaries and expenses - Retirement.
Section VII-12: Continuing provisions.
Section VII-13: Savings clause.
Section VII-14: Effective dates - Implementing acts.
Section VII-15: Jury trials - Verdicts.
Section VII-16: Repealer.
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