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Section IX-1: Corporation - Company - Charter - License.

Section IX-2: Rights as to construction of lines.
Section IX-3: Receipt of cars, tonnage and passengers from other lines.
Section IX-4: Oil pipe line companies - Regulation - Duties.
Section IX-5: Telegraph and telephone companies - Exchange of messages -
Section IX-6: Railroads as public highways - Offices - Meetings - Reports - Enforcement.
Section IX-7: Movable property as personal property - Liability of property to execution.
Section IX-8: Consolidation of public service corporations - Common officer.
Section IX-9: Sales and leases - Additional restrictions on consolidation.
Section IX-10: Street railroads - Consent to construction and operation.
Section IX-11: Acceptance of provisions of Constitution.
Section IX-12: Transportation of railroad's own commodities.
Section IX-13: Free transportation of passengers.
Section IX-14: Repealed.
Section IX-15: Creation - Terms of office - Vacancies.
Section IX-16: Qualifications of commissioners.
Section IX-17: Oath of office - Additional oath.
Section IX-18: Powers and duties - Notice before taking action - Process for witnesses - Authority of Legislature - Municipal powers.
Section IX-18a: Organization - Quorum - Necessary vote.
Section IX-18b: Company defined.
Section IX-19: Powers of court of record - Additional powers - Failure or refusal to obey orders.
Section IX-20: Appeals to Supreme Court - Other courts to have no jurisdiction - Mandamus and prohibition.
Section IX-21: Supersedeas - Security - Accounts - Refunds - Precedence of appeals.
Section IX-22: Statement of reasons for action - Cause heard on record - Certification of facts and evidence - New or additional evidence.
Section IX-24: Rights of action not affected - Questioning action of Commission.
Section IX-25: Reports and recommendations.
Section IX-26: Railway depots and depot buildings.
Section IX-27: Railroad crossings at grade.
Section IX-28: Inspection of books and papers - Examination of officers and agents.
Section IX-29: Record of financial transactions.
Section IX-30: Greater charge for less distance.
Section IX-31: Foreign corporations - Eminent domain - Restrictions on exercise.
Section IX-32: Through rates - Investigation - Notice - Application to Interstate Commerce Commission.
Section IX-33: Switches to mines, mills, elevators and industries.
Section IX-34: Definitions - Avoidance of conflicts with U. S. Constitution.
Section IX-35: Power of Legislature.
Section IX-36: Common law doctrine abrogated - Liability for acts of receivers - Power of Legislature.
Section IX-38: Creation or licensing - Necessity of general law.
Section IX-39: Restrictions on issuance of stock.
Section IX-40: Influencing elections or official duty.
Section IX-41: Banks and trust companies - Restriction on controlling other stock.
Section IX-42: Arbitration of differences with employees.
Section IX-43: Foreign corporations - Designation of resident agent - Service - Place of suit.
Section IX-44: Foreign corporations subject to same restrictions and requirements as domestic corporations.
Section IX-45: Monopoly or destruction of competition - Discrimination prohibited.
Section IX-46: Grants of special or exclusive privileges.
Section IX-47: Power to alter, amend or repeal charters or franchises.
Section IX-48: Penalties and regulations.
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